Category: African Terrestrial Fibre

A Gentle Plea to Telkom’s CEO

We recently sent a request to Telkom to send us a map of their terrestrial fibre network in South Africa.  This request was in the context of the AfTerFibre Project, which is attempting to crowdsource a comprehensive map of terrestrial fibre...

/ 23 January 2012

AfTerFibre Update

This is a short summary of progress and learning from the first couple of months since launching AfTerFibre, a project to map terrestrial fibre projects in Africa. From the beginning AfTerFibre has been designed as an open project both from...

/ 21 October 2011


When I started putting together the African Undersea Cable Map about 3 years ago, I did it to solve my own problem.  I couldn’t make sense of all the news articles about new undersea cable projects and where and when...

/ 29 June 2011