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On the future of connected cities.

ICASA – Stealing from AIDS Orphans

So, I’ve moved on from righteous indignation yesterday to outright disbelief today.  News this week that the South African communications regulator (ICASA) have sent their enforcers  in to confiscate Dabba’s WiFi equipment in Orange Farm makes me angry enough to...

/ 18 February 2009

Another small victory for common sense

Here in South Africa, Justice Norman Davis has denied Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburi’s request to appeal the Altech ruling. This once again opens the doors to competition in the telecoms sector in South Africa.  The Minister can still appeal to the...

/ 31 October 2008

Cape Town – City of Fibre

On Wednesday this week, the City of Cape Town made the final approval to launch its ground-breaking municipal Broadband Infrastructure Project. Over the next two years, the City of Cape Town will invest close to R300 million in creating a...

/ 30 May 2008

Connected Cities: The Rebirth of Geography

As Mark Twain once said, “reports of my death were great exaggerated”. This could be very aptly applied to the optimistic perception that the Internet and cheap telecommunications meant that it didn’t matter where you were, the so-called “death of...

/ 8 February 2008