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Africa Burns for a Village Telco

“Africa Burns for a Village Telco” is the subject line of an email sent to me from Bruce Strover. And really who could resist a subject line like that especially if the Village Telco has been your passion for the...

/ 4 May 2010

Africa, Innovation, and The Incredibles

Philip Auerswald recently took advantage of arch-villain Syndrome (from the Pixar movie The Incredibles) to paint a tongue-in-cheek picture of his relationship with Bill Easterly. Entertained and emboldened by this, I was reminded of my own insight from watching (more...

/ 9 April 2010

What Google Should Do In Africa – Preface

This is an introduction to a series of posts on what I think Google ought to be doing in Africa,  that is to say what I think they ought to be doing outside of their core business of selling advertising. ...

/ 19 June 2009