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Articles on Network Neutrality with a focus on emerging markets

Globalising the Net Neutrality Debate

There are many factors that have the enabled the successful scaling of the Internet into a global phenomenon: a consensus-based, voluntary approach to standards;  decentralised design; and, a vast body of openly-licensed software have all contributed.  But the element I want to talk about...

/ 9 December 2014

A Better Approach to Zero-Rating

Yesterday, announced that Kenya would be the third country in which they launched their application,  an app that offers free access to Facebook along with a selection of  other services.  In Kenya, this includes Wikipedia, Daily Nation, SuperSport and...

/ 13 November 2014

Affordable Access: There Isn’t An App For That’s recent announcement of their zero-rated app in Zambia which offers free access to Facebook and a sprinkling of other services has sparked yet another discussion of Network Neutrality in emerging markets.  Pundits from Zimbabwe to Berlin have expressed concern about the...

/ 5 August 2014
Internet - You Are Here

Net Neutrality in Africa

The Net Neutrality debate has been back in the news over the last few weeks, thanks to an announcement from the United States communications regulator (FCC) that they were revisiting Net Neutrality in the light of a court decision in...

/ 7 May 2014

Facebook Zero Helps Ideas Multiply at the Bottom of the Pyramid

I am still frankly gobstopped by Facebook’s announcement.  I vaguely caught the news of Facebook Zero but assumed it was just another mobile interface to Facebook.  It was only when I read Erik Hersman’s post about it that I got...

/ 21 May 2010