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Open Hardware for Development

In my last post I wrote a bit about what kinds of information and communication technologies are needed by the poor.  I have also written about the importance of tinkering and tinkerable technologies as a catalyst for innovation. My previous...

/ 14 August 2008

Information and Communication Technologies for the Poor

An ongoing conversation with a large foundation has inspired me to think more directly about what specific technologies stand the best chance of benefiting the poor.  Early on in the conversation, I made the point that “connectedness” alone actually counts...

/ 7 August 2008

Shooting Back with a Flip

I had a great conversation with David Carman yesterday who runs a community mesh network in Scarborough (south of Cape Town). We discussed mesh technologies, topologies, and Open Source medical applications but towards the end, the conversation strayed to digital...

/ 1 August 2008

Dabba in The Economist

In the development world, getting a project profiled in The Economist is a bit like a rock band being profiled in Rolling Stone.  This week’s Economist has a profile of Dabba. Pretty cool.

/ 17 July 2008

Dabba wins Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Last week in Berlin at a Forum on Social Entrepreneurship hosted by German venture capital company Hasso Plattner Ventures, Rael Lissoos and Dabba won the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 award. The event, sponsored by Deutsches Bank and MAN...

/ 10 July 2008