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Open Standards – It’s Not Just Good for the Internet

A talk worth watching is Paul Collier’s heartfelt presentation at the TED event earlier this year.  He talks a bit about his book The Bottom Billion which, as a non-economist, I am finding both insightful and accessible.  He talks about...

/ 12 June 2008

Dabba and Village Telco: Getting to Alpha

Here is a short note on where things stand with Dabba and the Village Telco. The Shuttleworth Foundation is planning to fund the hacking/adaptation/development, to at least alpha version, of an Open Source “Village Telco” integrated suite of applications. This...

/ 29 April 2008

Open Concept 1.0

An OpenConcept social contract, as I wrote about here, doesn’t exist yet but perhaps it is possible to bootstrap a process in which we imagine it exists and allow practice to define it. So here is the germ of an...

/ 28 April 2008

Building the Demand in Print-On-Demand

In an earlier post, I wrote about a very cool publishing model used by a bible publishing company in the U.S. in which they were able to aggregate user demand by laying out the pricing curve for developing an electronic...

/ 25 April 2008

Open Patents, Open Concepts

So why isn’t there a commons for ideas? Why isn’t there a trust system, a social contract for sharing ideas in the same way that Open Source creates a safe environment for sharing code? For example, if I came up...

/ 17 April 2008