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The Wisdom of Knowledge Management

I lurk on one of the more interesting mailinglists in the world. act-KM, originally an Australian but now global community of practice on Knowledge Management or since I abhor the term Knowledge Management, let’s say on the nature of knowledge...

/ 17 April 2008

In Praise of Taking Things Apart

The Economic Value of Taking Things Apart In the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, Paul Romer writes: “Economic growth occurs whenever people take resources and rearrange them in ways that are more valuable. A useful metaphor for production in an economy...

/ 24 March 2008

Great diagrams: How to Make Lasagna Instead of Spaghetti

Earlier this week I came across this wonderful master’s thesis entitled Generation of Complex Diagrams: How to Make Lasagna Instead of Spaghetti by Noah Iliinsky. We have all at various times had our minds numbed by needlessly complex diagrams that...

/ 21 February 2008