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Telecommunications and access issues.

South African National Broadband Forum

I am getting quite excited about the upcoming South African Broadband Forum next week.  Inspired by the coalition that emerged in the United States to get broadband infrastructure investment on the political agenda in the run-up to the U.S. election,...

/ 18 March 2009

Cracks Appearing in Mobile Operators’ Walled Gardens

The winds of change are blowing for mobile operators.  The comfortable oligopolies enjoyed by most mobile operators around the are being challenged by the very thing that enabled them in the first place, technology.  The growth of availability and drop...

/ 10 March 2009

Tinkerable Technology Equals Green Technology

This week’s Economist has an excellent special report on waste, entitled Talking Rubbish.  It contains the usual Economist savaging of government decision-making and bureaucracy but more importantly some very interesting news on waste management around the world.  Worth the read...

/ 3 March 2009

ICASA – Stealing from AIDS Orphans

So, I’ve moved on from righteous indignation yesterday to outright disbelief today.  News this week that the South African communications regulator (ICASA) have sent their enforcers  in to confiscate Dabba’s WiFi equipment in Orange Farm makes me angry enough to...

/ 18 February 2009

A Modest Proposal – The 1 cent SMS

I am filled today, as is often enough the case these days, with a sense of righteous indignation.  In a meeting earlier today, Dominic Cull (firebrand lawyer for the forces of telecommunications good in South Africa) pointed out the obvious. ...

/ 17 February 2009