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Telecommunications and access issues.

Mobiles versus Laptops

Cory Doctorow is one of my heroes.  A great writer, an outspoken champion of the commons, and someone who is not afraid to be himself in public.  I have relied on his ideas countless times in my own work.  It...

/ 16 January 2009

SA Telecoms – One Step Forward, Two Back

South Africa, which recently made a great leap forward in the opening up of competition in the telecommunications is in danger of making an even bigger leap backwards thanks to the license fees being proposed by ICASA. ICASA has proposed...

/ 15 January 2009

Why WiFi in Africa?

Imagine an alternative history.  Imagine that in 1995, when Microsoft launched their walled-garden MSN service, which they fully expected would, for all intents and purposes, put the Internet out of business, imagine that they succeeded. So today when you connected...

/ 9 January 2009

The Rationality of Mobile Spending

Richard Heeks has written an interesting post entitled Mobiles for Impoverishment in which he says that recent m4d research “suggests mobiles are doing more economic harm than good, and sometimes making poor people poorer”.  He points to quantitative and qualitative...

/ 29 December 2008

GLO-1 Added to Undersea Cables

Based on a recent flurry of news items on the GLO-1 undersea cable, I have added it to the Africa Undersea Cables Map.  Apparently, the cable is already laid as far as Nouakchott, Mauritania and promises to arrive at its...

/ 22 November 2008