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Telecommunications and access issues.

WiFi on Steroids Approved in U.S.

November 4th was truly a good news day in the United States.  Not only did the American people elect a leader who will hopefully begin to heal the damage done by 8 years of the Bush regime but, on the...

/ 5 November 2008

South Africa Connect Launches

With support from the Shuttleworth Foundation, a new blog on South African ICT policy has been launched by the Edge Institute and Research ICT AFrica.  The South Africa Connect blog: aims to stimulate debate and provide information and analysis on...

/ 3 November 2008

Another small victory for common sense

Here in South Africa, Justice Norman Davis has denied Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburi’s request to appeal the Altech ruling. This once again opens the doors to competition in the telecoms sector in South Africa.  The Minister can still appeal to the...

/ 31 October 2008

Opening Spectrum Above 275GHz

As I am getting my head around spectrum issues, I have found Michael Marcus’s blog, Spectrum Talk, tremendously useful. On the weekend he posted a link to a consultation that Ofcom (the UK communications regulator) have launched consultation on the...

/ 8 October 2008

Opening Spectrum in South Africa

It’s time to get down to business and start developing a civil society position on spectrum management in South Africa.  The key purpose of spectrum management is to maximise the value that society gains from the radio spectrum.  That has...

/ 29 September 2008