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Telecommunications and access issues.

Telecoms in South Africa: Apres moi, le deluge

In a landmark decision today, the High Court of South Africa ruled that everyone in possession of a Value Added Network Service (VANS) license was entitled to “self-provide”.  What this means is that every Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South...

/ 29 August 2008

The OLPC Effect

he One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project comes in for a lot of criticism for being, among other things, “centralised and top-down”. Critics also argue that academia and philanthropy should not be interfering in areas where the market is clearly...

/ 4 August 2008

How To Be Transparent in Fibre Optic Cable Deployment

Bill St. Arnaud points out that Pipe International, who are building an undersea cable from Sydney to Guam, have taken a completely transparent approach to communicating about project development and progress. Even to the point of having dynamic online maps...

/ 9 May 2008

Operators Response to SA Government’s Proposed Rapid Deployment Guidelines

On the 27th of February 2008, the Department of Communications published a notice inviting comments on Proposed Guidelines For Rapid Deployment of Electronic Communications Facilities in Terms of the Electronic Communications ACT, 2005 (ACT NO. 36 of 2005). Among other...

/ 24 April 2008

Kenya: Door opens for new non-profit telecom firms

Business Day Africa profiles the Communications Commission of Kenya’s decision to offer ISM-band spectrum to non-profits: “Licence-free band spectrum, courtesy of the airwaves’ regulator, could allow non-profit organisations to own and operate telecom companies. The Communication Commission of Kenya’s offer...

/ 17 March 2008