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Undersea fibre optics cable initiatives around Africa

Race for the South Atlantic

One of the less professional sounding quotes from me in the media in the last few months is the one to the right where I introduce the technical terms “bananas” into the undersea cable capacity discussions. For the record a...

/ 5 March 2012

African Undersea Cables – A History

A number of people have asked for a chronological version of the African Undersea Cables map.  Here’s one I made recently.  Feel free to use, adapt, improve. You can download the full presentation (in OpenOffice format) from Slideshare. African Undersea...

/ 1 March 2011

Undersea Cables Update

It has been a busy year in the world of African undersea cables as the timeline below of cable maps over the last year will attest. A lot has happened or more accurately plans and announcements for a lot have...

/ 11 February 2009

YAPAUC – Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) Cable

Yet Another Planned African Undersea Cable (YAPAUC).  As 2008 draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect in amazement at the rash of announcements in the last year of  planned undersea fibre-optic cables around the African continent.  If only...

/ 31 December 2008

Undersea Cables Update

I’ve now moved the African Undersea Cables map to a permanent page that I will update as new information emerges.  The latest revision includes updates of: the EASSy cable to reflect its growth to 1.4 terabits the TEAMS cable to...

/ 16 October 2008