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Undersea fibre optics cable initiatives around Africa

Sub-saharan Africa Undersea Cables in 2010 – take 7

The undersea cable environment around the African continent continues to evolve.  Proposed cables appear, disappear, merge.  A testament to the competitive environment.  In this latest update, I have added the MaIN OnE cable which appears to be making progress.  Thanks...

/ 25 September 2008

Sub-saharan Africa Undersea Cables in 2010 – maybe

So what might the undersea cable environment for sub-Saharan Africa look like by the end of 2010? Perhaps it will look a bit like this: If anyone has a proposed map for Uhurunet and Main One, I would love to...

/ 10 July 2008

The Silence of the Lambdas

I have been gradually getting my head around bandwidth purchasing models for undersea cables. In my second contribution to the Mail & Guardian’s innovative Techleader site, I use a real estate metaphor to contrast the various scenarios.  Full text of...

/ 6 July 2008

How To Be Transparent in Fibre Optic Cable Deployment

Bill St. Arnaud points out that Pipe International, who are building an undersea cable from Sydney to Guam, have taken a completely transparent approach to communicating about project development and progress. Even to the point of having dynamic online maps...

/ 9 May 2008

African Undersea Cables – Map

In the spirit of the previous post consolidating information on African undersea cables, I compiled the image at the right to create a consolidated picture of existing and future cable initiatives around the continent. The relative cable sizes are roughly...

/ 14 February 2008