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Corporate Narratives, ICTs, and Development

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, before even Google or mobile phones and long before Facebook, there was just the Internet. And folk who created the Internet and its early users were filled with wonder at its...

/ 3 January 2013

Four Perspective-Changing Books From 2012

This is about four books that changed the way I see the world in 2012.  Two were published this year and two are a little older. Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman Published: Oct 2011 My reaction on reading...

/ 2 January 2013

If I Had 50 Million Dollars

If I had any poetic talent, I would have done this in rhyming couplets set to the music of the Barenaked Ladies but sadly today you are left with my prose.  Hum along with me anyway. If you work in...

/ 17 December 2012

Cape Town to Lunenburg

Yesterday I touched down with my family in Halifax, Canada, our new home for the next few years.  Well, actually near there, a small town south of Halifax called Lunenburg.  When you have a foot in more than one country,...

/ 1 July 2012
Just shoot me.

The Complexity of the White Industrial Saviour Complex

This post is inspired by the whole KONY2012 debacle and in particular by Teju Cole's piece “The White Industrial Saviour Complex”, which is a fairly searing indictment of those who seek to do good in far away places. A piece...

/ 8 June 2012