Telecom Resources I Maintain

I use Pinboard to track African telecommunications and internet news and resources. It’s a great way to maintain web resources using semi-structured data. Here’s an explanation of how you can get the most of out of the years of links I have collected.

Every year I produce an annual review of telecommunications infrastructure development in Africa, now in its fifth year. I also map the development of undersea and terrestrial fibre optic infrastructure development on and around the continent.

I also track spectrum regulatory issues ranging from spectrum assignments across a range of African countries to variations in TVWS regulations around the world.

In order to better keep track of the wide variety of connectivity indexes, maps and statistics, I created this awesome list.

To better understand the various announcement of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations, I created a spreadsheet comparing the capabilities of the various constellations.

In my quest for Open Telecom Data and more transparency in general in the telecommunications sector, I contribute a wiki of good practice when it comes to transparency.

In response to the current pandemic, I also started this list of Country Responses regarding Internet access during COVID-19 Pandemic which now has several contributors.

All of the above resources are either under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-Only license or in the case of the Country Responses, a CC0 license.