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Fair Mobile – Two Years On

In which I re-assert my self-appointed role of digitally holding African mobile operators’ feet to the fire for their rent-seeking behaviour.  In today’s spotlight is Vodacom South Africa. Vodacom recently announced their Annual Report for 2010.  Vodacom is doing very...

/ 17 May 2011

Fair Mobile – Some data

Here is a first stab at putting together an index that relates the cost of mobile services to income at the bottom of the pyramid in Africa. I found some ILO data on minimum wage that covers 24 African countries...

/ 9 November 2009

Fair Mobile – A Start

Katrin Verclas and I and a few others have been kicking around the notion of Fair Mobile for some time now.  The essence of Fair Mobile is the idea of developing some metrics for equitable, competitive mobile markets that deliver...

/ 26 October 2009