WGSDIA – Launch Google Voice in Africa

This the second installment in a series of posts in which I have the hubris to reflect upon What Google Should Do In Africa (#WGSDIA). There is some context for this post in the preface to the series. Imagine that...

/ 26 June 2009

Yabba Dabba Do

Meet Rael Lissoos, a economist turned geek entrepreneur. While I have been talking about Village Telcos, Rael has been out building one in Orange Farm, a township about an hour south of Johannesburg. Rael’s company, Dabba.co.za, provides inexpensive voice and...

/ 5 March 2008

Theory of Change: The Village Telco

Having funded and watched and occasionally participated in the wireless hacker space in Africa for the last few years, I have the sense of “waiting for the next leap forward”. Wireless hackers have been successfully building cantennas, woktennas, and waterbottletennas,...

/ 5 February 2008