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Africa Telecoms Infrastructure in 2022

Welcome to the 9th annual review of telecommunications infrastructure development in Africa. This edition containing links to over 390 articles covering a range of African telecom infrastructure development issues.

/ 5 January 2023

Dynamic Spectrum in 2015

“The Calm Before The Storm” was the subtitle I used to describe my experience of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s Global Summit in 2014. Fast forward to 2015 where I have just returned from this year’s Global Summit in Manila, which...

/ 27 May 2015

Why You Should Read TV White Spaces – A Pragmatic Approach

Marco Zennaro and Ermanno Pietrosemoli of the Abdus Salaam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)  have put together a great collection of essays on TV White Spaces with an emphasis on their application in emerging markets.  Entitled “TV White Spaces...

/ 6 March 2014

What Google Should Do In Africa – Preface

This is an introduction to a series of posts on what I think Google ought to be doing in Africa,  that is to say what I think they ought to be doing outside of their core business of selling advertising. ...

/ 19 June 2009

Dabba: Open Source Components – Access Node

Dabba relies on a variety of Open Source software application to enable their network. Here is a profile of some of those applications. Wireless Access Point Every local connection starts with a wireless access point (AP) that connects phones and...

/ 20 March 2008