Bill St. Arnaud points out that Pipe International, who are building an undersea cable from Sydney to Guam, have taken a completely transparent approach to communicating about project development and progress. Even to the point of having dynamic online maps of cable development.

Pipe International have set up a blog, a progress table, discussion forum, and photo/video gallery.  Here in South Africa, Infraco could take a page out of their book. recently posted news of a statement released by the SA government communication and information service on Tuesday May 6th that the African West Coast Cable (AWCC) would be built by Infraco in time for the World Cup in 2010. The cable would have a whopping 3.84 terabits in capacity and will cover 13,000km from South Africa to the Uk stopping at 10 countries along the way.

I tried to follow up on this article looking for the statement mentioned in the article but it wasn’t available on the SA Communication and Information Services site. I wrote to request a copy of the statement and was sent a month-old statement regarding Infraco. Still looking for it if anyone has a pointer.

It would be amazing if the AWCC/Infraco initiative were to take a similar approach to Pipe International. It would increase both buy-in and confidence in the initiative. An updated table of African undersea cable initiatives is available here.

Posted by Steve Song

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