Work has finally begun on the Mesh Potato. The Shuttleworth Foundation has completed agreements with David Rowe and Elektra and they are now hard at work on the production of a Mesh Potato proof-of-concept. David has just posted a fairly detailed kick-off post on his blog. A rough time-frame for the Mesh Potato is to produce a proof-of-concept by November, hand-made prototypes by early 2009 and hopefully production Mesh Potatos by mid-2009. All software developed for the Mesh Potato will be stored in an SVN repository on Sourceforge.

Simplified Billing

The Foundation has also now provided support to Dabba to work on a simplified interface to A2Billing aimed at Village Telco operation. Early results of this work should be available on the Village Telco website by the end of October.

Village Telco FAQ

My first step in trying to make the Village Telco site more useful to people has been to write an FAQ for the Village Telco.  I’ll do another one shortly for the Mesh Potato.  If you have any suggestions for additions or clarifications to the FAQ, please don’t hesitate to post them.

Posted by Steve Song

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