Sub-saharan Undersea Cables in 2010 - maybe (version 9) Based on a recent flurry of news items on the GLO-1 undersea cable, I have added it to the Africa Undersea Cables Map.  Apparently, the cable is already laid as far as Nouakchott, Mauritania and promises to arrive at its destination of Lagos in March 2009.

The news report, somewhat confusingly, describes the cable as having the capacity of 32 STM-64s which is 320 gigabits/s by my understanding.  However later on in the same article, the cable is described as having 640 gigabits/s capacity.  Some confusion there it would seem.

The main landing points of the cable are from Bude, England (in Cornwall) via Vigo, Spain; Sesimbra, Portugal; Accra, Ghana; Casablanca,Morocco; Dakar, Senegal; Nouakchott, Mauritania; and, finally Lagos, Nigeria.

Posted by Steve Song

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