With support from the Shuttleworth Foundation, a new blog on South African ICT policy has been launched by the Edge Institute and Research ICT AFrica.  The South Africa Connect blog:

aims to stimulate debate and provide information and analysis on South African ICT policy by means of public seminars and fora as well as through online spaces. Through these various channels, South Africa connect aims to influence interventions in ICT policy, regulation and practice that are geared towards connecting South Africans to global ‘network society’ and information economy.

Already featuring posts by well known South African ICT policy researchers including Alison Gilwald and Steve Esselaar, South Africa Connect is a place to find informed commentary on the complex ICT policy and regulatory environment in South Africa.

Posted by Steve Song

@stevesong local telco policy activist. social entrepreneur. founder of @villagetelco #africa #telecoms #opensource #privacy #wireless #spectrum #data