Yesterday I touched down with my family in Halifax, Canada, our new home for the next few years.  Well, actually near there, a small town south of Halifax called Lunenburg.  When you have a foot in more than one country, choosing where to live can be complicated.

In this case, the choice was not so hard.  Our boys are at an age (6,6, and 7) where spending some time growing up closer to their grandparents is going to make their lives a much richer experience.

From a professional perspective this is a little complicated as all of my work with Village Telco, spectrum advocacy, among other things, is focused on affordable access to communication infrastructure in emerging markets.  Managing my carbon footprint over the next couple of years is likely to be challenging.

I am gutted to have left South Africa when there feels like so much unfinished business for me there but I hope to be back there often enough to stay engaged and maintain my dual identity.

If you’re a Nova Scotian and are interested in Africa, hacking, open source, and wireless technologies, I’d love to meet you.  All of the above would be amazing but I’d happily settle for any subset. 🙂

Posted by Steve Song

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