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African Undersea Cables – Map

In the spirit of the previous post consolidating information on African undersea cables, I compiled the image at the right to create a consolidated picture of existing and future cable initiatives around the continent. The relative cable sizes are roughly...

/ 14 February 2008

Theory of Change: The Village Telco

Having funded and watched and occasionally participated in the wireless hacker space in Africa for the last few years, I have the sense of “waiting for the next leap forward”. Wireless hackers have been successfully building cantennas, woktennas, and waterbottletennas,...

/ 5 February 2008

African Undersea Cables

Mostly in order to keep them all straight in my head, I have compiled a list of African undersea cable initiatives and their features, investors, etc. Seacom EASSy TEAMs Infraco/AWCC IWTGC Cost (USD) 650 million 265 million 82 million 2...

/ 4 February 2008