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Zero-Rating: A Modest Proposal

Imagine a world where all phones were automatically connected to the Internet, at no charge. Is this an idle fantasy? The current worldwide debate about Zero-Rating and Network Neutrality has brought the issue of affordable Internet access into sharp relief....

/ 25 November 2015

SMS Costs in Africa – 2008

Courtesy of the ITU’s Measuring the Information Society Report, here is a list of SMS charges in thirty-eight African countries.  The costs are listed in U.S. dollars and in Purchasing Power Parity dollars.  Interesting to note in the below that...

/ 14 April 2009

Cracks Appearing in Mobile Operators’ Walled Gardens

The winds of change are blowing for mobile operators.  The comfortable oligopolies enjoyed by most mobile operators around the are being challenged by the very thing that enabled them in the first place, technology.  The growth of availability and drop...

/ 10 March 2009