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Simpsons - Michaelangelo - The Creation of Adam

Everyday Internet Miracles

Imagine for a minute that you’ve just bought a new stove. The old stove just wasn’t doing all you needed so you’ve bought a new German-engineered stove. It’s Saturday morning and you’ve managed to get the stove in place, it...

/ 9 December 2011

Why SMS in Africa?

Erik Hersman recently tweeted “I’d like to hear more on whether we should build SMS or internet services in Africa?”  This had the serendipitous effect of breaking a bit of a blogger’s block for me. I think most would agree...

/ 3 February 2010

South African National Broadband Forum

I am getting quite excited about the upcoming South African Broadband Forum next week.  Inspired by the coalition that emerged in the United States to get broadband infrastructure investment on the political agenda in the run-up to the U.S. election,...

/ 18 March 2009

Cracks Appearing in Mobile Operators’ Walled Gardens

The winds of change are blowing for mobile operators.  The comfortable oligopolies enjoyed by most mobile operators around the are being challenged by the very thing that enabled them in the first place, technology.  The growth of availability and drop...

/ 10 March 2009

SA Telecoms Cool Wall

Inspired by Rudoph Van Den Burg’s riff on Jeremy Clarkson’s TopGear Cool Wall I thought a Cool Wall for the South African telecommunications and Internet community might be fun to do. For those who haven’t seen it, the TopGear Cool...

/ 2 September 2008