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Africa Burns for a Village Telco

“Africa Burns for a Village Telco” is the subject line of an email sent to me from Bruce Strover. And really who could resist a subject line like that especially if the Village Telco has been your passion for the...

/ 4 May 2010

First vlog

This is the first of a monthly series of short video blog (vlog) updates on some of the things I’m working on.  This one is about where we are with the Mesh Potato. Steve Song – First Vlog from Steve...

/ 28 April 2010

Mesh Potato gets cooking

Work has finally begun on the Mesh Potato. The Shuttleworth Foundation has completed agreements with David Rowe and Elektra and they are now hard at work on the production of a Mesh Potato proof-of-concept. David has just posted a fairly...

/ 18 September 2008