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Penny Black stamps

A Penny Black Broadband Strategy

The challenge of unlocking affordable access to backhaul networks for small operators, especially in rural areas, is a problem that has been bothering me for years. As demand for high-speed access grows and last-mile access technologies grow increasingly affordable, the...

/ 29 March 2021

Fair Mobile – Two Years On

In which I re-assert my self-appointed role of digitally holding African mobile operators’ feet to the fire for their rent-seeking behaviour.  In today’s spotlight is Vodacom South Africa. Vodacom recently announced their Annual Report for 2010.  Vodacom is doing very...

/ 17 May 2011

More on the 1 Cent SMS

Problem solved. You’ll be happy to know that the cost of an SMS has come down to 1 US cent….. if you live in the Philippines.  But the news is even better.  According to this article, the price of SMSes...

/ 26 March 2009

Nathan and the Mobile Operators

Imagine an alternate reality.  You’re an innovative start-up like Twitter or perhaps one of the many “adjacent possible” enterprises that Twitter has spawned.  You’ve designed your new service and are ready to take over the world.   All you need to...

/ 20 March 2009

Cracks Appearing in Mobile Operators’ Walled Gardens

The winds of change are blowing for mobile operators.  The comfortable oligopolies enjoyed by most mobile operators around the are being challenged by the very thing that enabled them in the first place, technology.  The growth of availability and drop...

/ 10 March 2009