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Undersea Cables Update

I’ve now moved the African Undersea Cables map to a permanent page that I will update as new information emerges.  The latest revision includes updates of: the EASSy cable to reflect its growth to 1.4 terabits the TEAMS cable to...

/ 16 October 2008

Sub-saharan Africa Undersea Cables in 2010 – take 7

The undersea cable environment around the African continent continues to evolve.  Proposed cables appear, disappear, merge.  A testament to the competitive environment.  In this latest update, I have added the MaIN OnE cable which appears to be making progress.  Thanks...

/ 25 September 2008

Sub-saharan Africa Undersea Cables in 2010 – maybe

So what might the undersea cable environment for sub-Saharan Africa look like by the end of 2010? Perhaps it will look a bit like this: If anyone has a proposed map for Uhurunet and Main One, I would love to...

/ 10 July 2008