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Chiclete Com Banana

On Wednesday this week I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours chatting with Gilberto Gil.  I am still pinching myself. When I was 17, I was an exchange student for a year in Brazil.  It was there...

/ 14 May 2011

African Women and American Academics

I find myself wondering if I am the only one dismayed by the “mudwrestling” going on among Dambisa Moyo, Jeffrey Sachs and William Easterly… and others. In case you haven’t heard, Dambisa Moyo has written a provocative book on the...

/ 28 May 2009

Ubuntu and Descartes

When I first encountered the Southern African word ubuntu a few years ago, it instantly resonated with me. A person is only a person through other people…. the suffering of one person diminishes all of us. Or as Archbishop Desmond...

/ 21 January 2008