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The Real Reason Why White Spaces Spectrum Matters

You may have seen a resurgence of news about “Net Neutrality” in the last few weeks.  This is because a US court recently ruled that the communications regulator (the Federal Communications Commission- FCC) doesn’t have the power to insist that...

/ 13 February 2014

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

This week I’m attending the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.  Thanks to their kind invitation, I’ll be blogging this week about my experiences here.  Having recently left my fellowship at the Shuttleworth Foundation and embraced the world of social...

/ 30 March 2011

OLPC XO-2 goes Open Hardware

I admit to being a little gobstopped by Nicholas Negroponte’s announcment in the Guardian that the next generation OLPC will be Open Hardware is a pretty big deal.  I picked up the announcement this morning from Make Magazine editor, Phil...

/ 29 January 2009

Action Talks, Armchair Pundits Walk

It is remarkable how polarised the discussion of the OLPC has become.  You either love it or hate it.  I have already said my own say about the value of the OLPC but there is one point that I don’t...

/ 27 January 2009

Looking for Possible Village Telco Entrepreneurs in Khayalitsha

Having decided to help Dabba explore the replication of their Orange Farm success down here in the Western Cape, it was not immediately clear to me how to go about finding the right place for such a project. Alan Levine...

/ 16 April 2008