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Nathan and the Mobile Operators

Imagine an alternate reality.  You’re an innovative start-up like Twitter or perhaps one of the many “adjacent possible” enterprises that Twitter has spawned.  You’ve designed your new service and are ready to take over the world.   All you need to...

/ 20 March 2009

A Modest Proposal – The 1 cent SMS

I am filled today, as is often enough the case these days, with a sense of righteous indignation.  In a meeting earlier today, Dominic Cull (firebrand lawyer for the forces of telecommunications good in South Africa) pointed out the obvious. ...

/ 17 February 2009

Information and Communication Technologies for the Poor

An ongoing conversation with a large foundation has inspired me to think more directly about what specific technologies stand the best chance of benefiting the poor.  Early on in the conversation, I made the point that “connectedness” alone actually counts...

/ 7 August 2008