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U-Shaped Value in the Internet

The Internet Is U-Shaped

When we think about the problem of achieving affordable access to the Internet for all, the discussion often focuses on broadband targets.  These targets are moving goalposts as infrastructure improves.  Broadband used to be defined at 256Kbps, now it might be...

/ 17 March 2017

What Google Should Do In Africa - Launch a Digital Television Station

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series What Google Should Do in Africa – Part 2Inspired by the recent successful launch of the Television White Spaces pilot in South Africa, I am once again tempted to engage...

/ 2 April 2013

Unpacking Our Mobile Broadband Future ITU Y U NO LIKE WIFI?

The future is mobile.  We all know that.  We read it everywhere.  In the UN Broadband Commission‘s recently published report entitled, The State of Broadband 2012: Achieving Digital Inclusion For All, ITU analysts boldly announce their belief that: “mobile broadband...

/ 15 October 2012

WGSDIA – Launch Gmail Zero

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series What Google Should Do In AfricaThis is yet another post in a series in which I have the temerity to offer Google my unsought armchair strategic advice on what they...

/ 14 September 2010

SA Minister of Communications – Reading the Tea Leaves

Arthur Goldstuck has written a thoughtful piece on the newly appointed South African Minister of Communications, Siphiwe Nyanda, and his new deputy Dina Pule.  He does a good job of highlighting their key strengths and weaknesses.Based on their lack of...

/ 11 May 2009