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Information and Communication Technologies for the Poor

An ongoing conversation with a large foundation has inspired me to think more directly about what specific technologies stand the best chance of benefiting the poor.  Early on in the conversation, I made the point that “connectedness” alone actually counts...

/ 7 August 2008

Tinkerless or tinkermore?

The Guardian this week published a review of Jonathan Zittrain’s book “The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It.” The journalist quotes Zittrain as saying “unlike the internet itself, where creative chaos reigns, popular new devices such as...

/ 9 May 2008

In Praise of Taking Things Apart

The Economic Value of Taking Things Apart In the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, Paul Romer writes: “Economic growth occurs whenever people take resources and rearrange them in ways that are more valuable. A useful metaphor for production in an economy...

/ 24 March 2008