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Sympathy for the Tinkerer

Tinkering gets a bad rap and I am making it my personal mission to rehabilitate the term. I keep an eye out for articles about tinkering and it is dismaying to see tinkerers getting the same raw deal as “hackers”. ...

/ 27 May 2011

Tinkerable Technology Equals Green Technology

This week’s Economist has an excellent special report on waste, entitled Talking Rubbish.  It contains the usual Economist savaging of government decision-making and bureaucracy but more importantly some very interesting news on waste management around the world.  Worth the read...

/ 3 March 2009

OLPC XO-2 goes Open Hardware

I admit to being a little gobstopped by Nicholas Negroponte’s announcment in the Guardian that the next generation OLPC will be Open Hardware is a pretty big deal.  I picked up the announcement this morning from Make Magazine editor, Phil...

/ 29 January 2009

Top Five Ted Talks

At the Shuttleworth Foundation we have a now reasonably well-established tradition of gathering together every Tuesday at lunch to watch a Ted Talk. I borrowed this idea from Vera Franz of the Open Society Institute and with only a few...

/ 19 August 2008

Open Hardware for Development

In my last post I wrote a bit about what kinds of information and communication technologies are needed by the poor.  I have also written about the importance of tinkering and tinkerable technologies as a catalyst for innovation. My previous...

/ 14 August 2008